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Submission guidelines

Shuttle Paris wants customers' opinions to be heard.
The purpose is of course to provide customers with the information they need to choose the right Paris airport transfer service provider. We encourage you to share comments, opinions either favorable or unfavorable but we ask you to stick to our submission guidelines.

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Please read our guidelines

Please read and follow our guidelines...

Tips on writing a great review

We recommend that you provide details about your experience. Be specific and give information about the reason why you like a service or not. Please keep in mind that your comments should be useful to our visitors. Another key point is to write a review that is neither to short or too long (Please limit yourself to 100 words - 10 sentences). To end with we ask you to be sincere: We will not remove negative or positive reviews as long as they are unbiaised - honnest.

What is not allowed?

We reserve the right to remove comments including any of the following:
Obscene content or profanity.
Any kind of promotional content.
Biaised reviews (Negative or positive).
Phone numbers, Internet websites or postal addresses.

When is my review approved

Your review is first submitted for approval. One of our team member will then read it. If your review respects our guidelines it will appear on our website. Expect a 48h minimum delay between submission and validation (However it may take more time).

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