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Please use our taxicab fare calculator to estimate the cost for your trip route. Fares are valid for journeys between Disneyland and Paris city center, Roissy, Orly or Beauvais airport.

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Taxi vs airport shuttle

Many airport shuttle providers operate between
Roissy, Orly or Beauvais airport or Paris city center and Disneyland. Compare now: Disneyland Shuttle

Disneyland shuttle services

Taxi service between Disneyland and Paris, Roissy, Orly, Beauvais

If travellers avoid rush hour times (7am-9am and 4pm-8pm) taxi may be the quickest way to travel from Paris to Disneyland Paris. However it is not one of the most cost effective means of transport as recreation resort is located 30km in the East of Paris and taxis use fare meters and fares vary depending on origin (and destination) of travel. Use the calculator above to get a estimate the cost for the journey of your choice. For more information read: Taxis Disneyland Paris

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