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Paris Metro map

Taking the metro is quite easy in Paris. The first thing visitors should do upon arrival is to get a free metro map at the hotel or in any subway station. To plan your route before coming to Paris look at the subway map to get acquainted with the city.

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Download PDF map

Plan your route before coming to Paris. Download the PDF subway map before your visit.
See: Download Paris metro map

Subway stations & network on Googlemaps

Localize any subway station in Paris thanks to Google maps. Click on and get details about lines.
See: Paris subway on googlemaps

Paris metro interactive map

RATP official website provides a great interactive map of the entire subway network.
See: Paris subway interactive map

Tips and informations: Ticket price, timetables, safety ...

Metro is one of the most convenient and cheapest way to get from a place to another downtown Paris. Paris metro is the densest in the world with about 300 stations concentrated in a small area. There are 14 lines numbered 1 to 14 each of them beeing identified by a colour and name. The only two things to know for an easy ride are line number and direction. Please read our informations, tips and recommendations about safety, tickets, timetables, transport strike...
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Metro (Subway) station in Paris