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Hotels in Paris

Planning to stay in Paris and searching a nice place to stay? Here is our guide to serviced apartments and hotels to help you make the right choice. Paris is divided into 20 districts that spiral out from the very center of the city in a snail-shell pattern. The best places to stay are located in the historic center meaning the districts numbered from 1 to 9 and 11. Please review our selection: Luxury hotels, charming or design boutique hotels and budget accommodations.

Map: Find the best places to stay in Paris

Use our city map to find out where are located the hotels we have reviewed and selected as the best places to stay in Paris... Explore: Paris city map

Guide to hotels in Paris

Here is our insider's guide to the best places to stay in Paris.

Luxury hotels

Please review our selection of 5 star properties. The best luxury hotels of the city of lights.
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Charming boutique hotels

You dream of a romantic vacation in Paris? Here is our guide to the most charming boutique hotels.
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Design hotels

Here is our selection of properties for those looking for unusual or design hotels.
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Budget yet comfortable accommodations

We also have reviewed and selected budget yet comfortable accommodations, cheap hotels.
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Apartment rentals - Flat for rent in Paris

If you plan to stay a week or more renting an apartment in Paris may be quite cost effective compared to hotel. It also offers more privacy and more space. How to rent? Well there are many companies, real estate agencies offering vacation rentals and short term flat rentals services downtown Paris. If you intend to rent an apartment please read our tips first and review our short selection of agencies, which have hundreeds of apartments available in the most popular districts of Paris. Read more about: Paris apartments rentals

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Visit Paris - City guide - Map

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