Les soldes à Paris Français

Sales in Paris

It happens twice a year early summer and early winter and shopping lovers can't wait for it... The sales "Les soldes" are great events in France and of course in Paris. Rebates can be up to 50% but Paris is one of the capital cities of fashion so be prepared for the frenzy especially in the first days when Parisians and savvy tourists all try to shop smart at the same time. If you plan to shop in the greatest fashion brands stores be prepared for long queues and exhausting days...

Map: Find the best shopping spots

Use our city map to  see where are located the best places to shop in Paris: Departments stores, fashion, food and wines, ... Explore: Paris city map

When do winter and summer sales start? Dates.

In France sales are regulated and the timing and exact duration of stores sales are made official by government a few weeks before they start... There are two sales period of five weeks during the year: The winter sales start just after Christmas, early January, and run until mid February when the summer sales start late June and run until late July.
Dates of sales: Our estimation (Info needs official confirmation) is that in 2012, winter sales should run from January 11th to February 14th and summer sales from June 27th to July 31st.

Our sales shopping tips

Paris is a great shopping destination and sales are absolutely a frenzy in the first days. Here are our shopping tips - The things savviest shoppers know about...
First of all it is important to dress comfortably: Shoppers will spend hours in the stores flooded with people and walk long distances, a good pair of shoes is the best choice - It's really no time for spike heels. Another good tip to follow is to try to shop early morning during the week when most  parisians work. Yet don't be surprised if stores are crowded as many parisian women will have taken a day off just to shop. The point is to avoid the weekend frenzy. Last but not least it is recommended to spot the boutiques and the stores selling what you're after one or two days before the sales start. The savvy shopper will then gain a precious time on the first day and get more chance to grab a great bargain.

Where to shop in Paris

What to shop in Paris? For Fashion designers and haute couture stores the best districts are the Champs Elysees (Avenue Montaigne) and the Faubourg Saint Honoré street close to Louvre museum. Another great district is Saint Germain des Pres... Read: Where to shop in Paris

Paris shopping guide: Sales

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