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Strike at Paris airport

The only two airports in Paris likely to be affected by a transportation strike are Roissy and Orly as Beauvais airport runs its own private bus service. In most cases transport unions call to strike for the busiest travel days (Late June or early July, in September or October and mid December). Other strikes may also affect air traffic: Airlines staff protests (pilots, flight attendants, ground or ramp crews, luggage handlers) not to forget air traffic controllers (rare but grounds all planes).

Airport shuttle: Not affected by strike

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Airport shuttle services

How to get to or from Roissy or Orly in case of strike

Transports between Paris airports and city center are likely to be affected if any transport workers union has called for strike in Paris. The train service (RER B or C) is often suspended and usually buses don't run either. The only transport options to get from or to Paris airports that shouldn't be impacted are: Airport shuttle services, Air France coaches and taxis.

Airport shuttle services

Many airport shuttle providers offer shared or private transfer services between Roissy Charles de Gaulle or Orly airport and Paris city center hotels or private addresses. Airport shuttles may be the best door to door transport option in case of strike as operated at flat rate: The heavy traffic jams will then have no impact on the fare.
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Air France coaches

Air France Coach service is available to passengers from all airlines and operated to or from Roissy and Paris Orly airports. However travellers should keep in mind that this is not a door to door transport and finding a cab downtown Paris to get to their final destination may be quite a challenge on strike days.
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Taxi drivers wait for customers at the exit of each terminal at Roissy or Orly. The total fare is usually from 30 to 50 Euros. Estimated duration of journey: 35 minutes. However expect queues to be very long at taxi ranks and fare or journey times to be much higher than normal if public transport is on strike.
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Strike information

Where to get information about strike? Here is our selection of useful resources:

  • Paris transportation official website.
  • Another site that provides detailed information on all forms of public transport.
  • Roissy and Orly official website.
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