Grève des transports à Paris Français

Strike in Paris - France

Striking can be seen from abroad like a French national sport. And many tourists visiting the country may be under the impression that the French are always on strike. It is true that street protests are frequent however according to recent datas Canada and South Africa strike days have topped France ones. Please find here below informations and tips about what to do to minimise the impact of a transportation or airport strike in Paris.

Airport shuttle: Not affected by strike

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Transportation strike: Train, Bus, Subway traffic affected

Transportation strikes are fairly common in Paris and most of people living here got use to it... It may be a little more disturbing for foreign travellers.

Subway or bus traffic stopped or slowed down

It happens nearly every month: Subway traffic is affected by a protest of train drivers. It may only hit a specific line of the all Metro network. It may last just a couple of hours or a few weeks (One month in November 1995)... Many transport alternatives exist: Taxis - Expect heavy traffic jams, Bicycle - Renting a bicycle is very easy in Paris thanks to a self-service system "Velib", ... The last option is of course to walk as the city is not very large.

Train: National Rail traffic affected

French railway strikes are a real nightmare as it jeopardizes totally chances for travellers to get their train and reach destination on time. There are then very few options to get between Paris and Province cities: Rent a car or buy a plane ticket if possible. Beware: Decision should be made quickly as demand will be very high...

How to get to or from the airport (Roissy or Orly)

Transports between Paris airports and city center are likely to be affected if any transport workers union has called for strike in Paris. The train service (RER B or C) is often suspended and usually buses don't run either. The only transport options to get from or to Paris airports that shouldn't be impacted are: Taxis, Air France coaches and Airport shuttles. Read: Information about strike.

Beauvais airport transportation is usually not impacted.

Airport strike (Roissy - Orly)

The worst case is an airport strike as planes stay grounded and thousands of passengers get stucked waiting for a "miracle".

Air traffic controller strike

Air traffic controller strike is quite rare and usually don't last very long however it may jam air traffic for a very long time. In that specific case passengers should first try to call the airline they are flying with to get more information about procedure to be followed. In most instances passengers will be advised not to go to the airport unless they have a seat on a new flight.

Airlines staff protests

Airlines staff - Either pilots, flight attendants, ground or ramp crews, luggage handlers or check-in staff - may also protest against their management. Passengers should call the airline directly

Paris airport transportation

Here is our guide to Paris airports ground transportation services to learn more about the different ways to get from or to Roissy, Orly or Beauvais.

Airport transportation
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Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport

Roissy is the main airport serving Paris. If you travel from USA, Canada, UK, Northen Europe, Asia or South America you are likely to land at Roissy.
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Orly airport

Orly is the second airport in Paris. It is mostly served by domestic and european flights and flights from Northern Africa and middle east.
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Beauvais airport

Beauvais is a small airport served by low cost airlines. Due to the long distance (85km - 55 miles) separating Beauvais from Paris city center, travelers' transfer options are limited.
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