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Paris counts 17.000 taxis... But no matter how numerous they are it is still a challenge to hail one in the street. In Paris taxicabs don't have ant specific color. The only different between a cab and a normal car is the sign on top "Taxi Parisien".

Please find here below information and tips about taxis in Paris: Fares, rules, ...

Paris taxi fare finder

How much does a taxi cost in Paris? To estimate more precisely the cost for your trip route please use our taxicab fare calculator: Paris taxi fare finder

Paris taxis fare finder

Taking taxis in Paris

Here are a few things visitors should know about taxis in Paris:

How to know if a taxi is available?

It is possible to spot if a taxi is available by looking at the light on top of the car. If the light is on the taxi is free and it is possible to hail it in the street. A new sign is to replace the old one. As of January 2012 the light will be green if the taxi is available and red if not.

How to hail a cab?

Like anywhere else people just need to make themselves visible to the taxi driver and raise the hand. If the taxi is available there is a good chance that it stops. However visitors should bear in mind that they are not obliged to. Another way is to get to an official taxi stand (There are 150 of them throughout Paris) and queue. Taxis stands (or ranks) are often located close to subway or train stations and tourist attractions. It is also possible to get a cab at the last minute for a specific address pick up by calling the official phone number: 01 45 30 30 30. However travellers should be aware of what happens when ordering a taxi cab by using this number : The driver will start the meter at the time of the call and client will then have to pay for the approach,  ...

How much doest it cost?

All licensed (legal) taxis are metered and rates vary depending on the time of the day. The cheapest fare is applicable Monday to Saturday within the city limits from 10am to 5pm. There is an extra charge for the 4th and 5th passengers and also one for large luggages or items. We provide a taxi fare calculator to better estimate the cost for your trip route: Taxi fare calculator

How to book a cab in advance?

Booking a cab in advance is never easy in Paris as taxicabs companies require the opening of an account prior to any reservation. For airport or train station transfers travellers can also book an airport shuttle, which is probably the best option (fixed price and no need no need to create any account). To learn more about airport shuttle services in Paris refer to: Paris airport transfer

The major taxi companies in Paris:
Alpha Taxi: 01 45 85 85 85 (French)
Taxi G7: 01 47 39 47 39 (French) - +33 1 41 27 66 99 (English)
Taxis Bleus: +33 1 49 36 29 48 (English or French) - Dial 01 49 36 29 48 if calling from France.

Gipsy cabs

Unauthorized or un-licensed taxi drivers operate in Paris (Mostly in Paris airports - Roissy or Orly). Of course these are are illegal and therefore unregulated.
How to recognize a Gipsy taxi? First of all a licensed driver will not accost clients but un-licensed will. An illegal cab has no sign light on the top with "Taxi Parisien" on it.

Taxi with baby seat

According to French law, providing a baby seat is not mandatory for taxis in France. However it is recommended for safety as baby car seats are designed to protect child in case of crash.
So what are the options for travellers who need toddler booster seat or baby seat?
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Paris airport taxi service

Here is our guide to Paris airport taxicabs services out of Roissy Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais airports.

Airport taxicabs services
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Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport

Many taxis wait for customers at the exit of each terminal. The cost for a transfer to Paris is usually about 30 to 50 euros and the duration is 30 minutes. However expect total fare and travel times to be higher during rush-hour times.
Get more information: Roissy airport taxis

Orly airport

Orly is the second airport serving Paris. Taxi drivers wait for customers in front of the main exit of both terminals. Here is information about getting to - from Paris Orly airport by taxi.
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Beauvais airport

Due to the long distance between the airport and Paris city center the total fare for a transfer should be about 140 to 180 euros and the duration of the journey should exceed 60 minutes.
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