La Nouvelle Eve Français

Nouvelle Eve cabaret

Located at the foot of Montmartre hill, the Nouvelle Eve is a variety and dancing cabaret. Not as well known as the Lido or the Moulin Rouge, the Nouvelle Eve is however one of the oldest cabarets of Paris: Its first topless revue was indeed created in 1920 - By this time the place was called the Gaîté parisienne. Please read here below our review of the show and find tips and informations about reservation or tickets prices.

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A bit of history

The story starts in 1898 when the theatre "Fantaisies Parisiennes" was built at the actual location of the cabaret. It became “the place to be” in Paris after a topless revue was created in 1920 but the place was turned into a cinema during World War 2. The Nouvelle Eve cabaret opened its doors in 1949..

Our review of the show

The Nouvelle Eve offers a classic parisian cabaret show. The entrance is narrow but the hall is quite large. The revue is made of six different scenes… The highlight of the show is the famous French Cancan dance (Lasting 12 minute!).

Opening hours - Reservation - Tickets for the show

Address: 25 rue Fontaine - 75009 Paris. Telephone: 01 48 74 69 25
Opening hours: 2 shows everyday: First show starts at 6.30 pm and second show starts at 9.45 pm..
Tickets price: Prices vary from 88 to 137 euros per person depending on the inclusion of the dinner..

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Nouvelle Eve - Paris

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