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Airport bus - Coach service Orly - Paris

Bus is one of the most popular and one of the cheapest way to get from Orly airport to Paris. There are two direct bus - coach services operated between the airport and city center: Air France coaches and Orlybus. Non direct lines are also available.

Please find here below information about airport bus lines, schedules and ticket fares.

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Getting to and from Orly airport by bus

Leaving Paris Orly airport by bus
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Air France coach - bus service

Service: Air France Coach service is available to passengers from all airlines. One route is operated out of Orly to Paris (Both ways).

Line 1: Direct coach transfer service is operated from 5am to 11pm between Orly airport (Terminal West and South) and Etoile (Champs elysees) via Gare Montparnasse (Railway station) and Invalides. One way ticket fare: 11.5 Euros. Duration of journey: 40 to 50 minutes. Frequency: Every 20 or 30 minutes depending on the hour of the day.

For more details about this service please refer to: Air France coaches


Orlybus is the cheapest direct bus transfer option.

Orlybus: Direct coach transfer service operated from 6am to 11pm between Orly airport (Terminal West and South) and Denfert Rochereau. One way ticket fare: 6.60 Euros. Duration of journey: 30-40 minutes. Frequency: Every 10-20 minutes.

Beware: Strikes often paralyze Paris Transport and Orlybus service is frequently suspended. It is wise to check if any union has called for transport strike for your travel dates.
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Other lines

Other lines are not direct and buses make many stops along the way to Paris.
Bus 183 to Porte de Choisy - Ticket fare: 1.80 Euros - Duration: 55 minutes.
Bus 285 to Villejuif (Metro: Louis Aragon) - Ticket fare: 1.80 Euros - Duration: 40 minutes.

Service to Disneyland or Roissy

Transfer from Orly to Disneyland Paris: A bus service is operated by VEA from Orly to Disneyland. One way ticket fare: 18 Euros. Frequency: Every 20 minutes. Other transfer option: Airport shuttle services. See: Disneyland shuttle
Transfer from Orly to Roissy airport: Air France coaches operate direct service between Orly and Roissy. One way ticket fare: 19 Euros. Duration: 60 minutes. See transfer between airports

Other airport transportation services

Orly airport is well connected to city center: Travellers are given the choice of either taxi, rail, bus transfer or airport shuttle... Click here for more details about: Orly airport

Airport transportation
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Airport shuttles

Airport Shuttle is a very convenient way to get to and from Orly. However don't expect to find any desk in the arrival terminal to book your transfer at the very last minute. The journey must indeed be booked in advance. This is the law.
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Taxis are waiting for customers in front of the main exit of each terminal. Taxis use fare meters. The cost for a transfer from Orly to Paris should be about 25 to 45 euros and the duration is usually 25 minutes. However expect total fare and travel times to be much higher during rush-hour times.
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Train - Subway

The Orlyval (Automatic train) links the airport to Antony train station where travellers can take RER B to get to Paris city center. Another option is to take a bus to Pont de Rungis train station and then to take RER C to Paris Austerlitz train station.
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